Monday, May 4, 2009


A real pirate needs three things: a peg leg, a trusty parrot and a bounty on his head. Unfortunately, parrots did not make it across the EVE gate, and cloning technology has made peg legs a thing of the past. The bounty is what remains and it's with a glad heart that I announce that the evil pirate Mer Mann is now worth 105,000 ISK dead.

The bounty was a surprise to me - there was no bounty (and no tears) after killing the 70M battlecruiser or the 35M rigged Stabber. No, it came from an unexpected source - an Iteron I pilot whom I found in an asteroid belt while playing hide-and-seek with a battlecruiser and who remained there while I unsuccessfully tried to tackle the Cyclone; and who blocked my attempt to ransom him for a paltry sum his ship deserved.

Well, thank you for the cool skull I can now wear; and to all that wish to partake of the riches of my bounty, you can find me in Heimatar low sec :)

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